Jeff and Bonnie Wheeler Family

“I highly recommend McMullin construction for anyone who would like to build a home.  Both my wife and I were amazed at how efficient and reliable they worked through the whole construction process. Building a home can be stressful, but Amber and Wayne were so supportive and attentive to details, and to our needs, that they made the process enjoyable.  I really appreciated how well they scheduled their subs. They were able to build our custom home in just over three months. They are honest and build a quality home.”

Jodi, Josue and Emelio

“It goes without saying that we absolutely love our house! More than that, we appreciate all of the time and effort you both put into working with us throughout the process.  After seeing some of the homes you had built, we knew a quality home would be a given. The time you spent with us as we worked through multiple floor plans and budgets, made decisions, picked things out for the house (changed our minds and picked out different things for the house) made the whole experience enjoyable and exciting. You took us seriously, respecting our ideas, plans, and concerns.

We continually receive compliments on our new home. Numerous times, we’ve heard comments like, “You picked a really good builder” We agree wholeheartedly.  You do build a great house, we will continue to recommend McMullin’s  when we talk with others who are considering building a home because you are hands down the best! 

Thank you”

The Rich Family

“Amber and Wayne were amazing to work with. They built us a 2800 sqft. Home in 2014. They started our home in May and finished on time in July. All the work in the house is exceptional. They stayed within my budget and are honest in every aspect of the building process. I would refer them to anyone I know and would have them build me another house anyday. We loved working with them.”

Cathy and Aaron Gorman

Choosing Mc Mullin construction was one of the best decisions we made in building a new home. We knew what we wanted in a new home and Amber and Wayne brought it into reality. They did so with an efficiency, confidence and integrity that was truly impressive. It was a God send to work with a builder proficient enough in handling all aspects of the building process that it allowed us to focus on the things that made this our dream house. Their ability to adapt and change on the fly was fantastic it allowed us to change things midflight and really allowed us to personalize our house. We were nervous about starting this process having heard so many horror stories about other contractors. I can sincerely say there was no horror just joy in working with Wayne and Amber.

Thank you for the great house.      

Brad and Karly Knight Family

“Thank you for building our beautiful dream home, your help turned a normally stressful time into an easy process!! Amber, thank you for helping me make every single detail in my home extraordinary! I love everything you helped m pick out! You are very talented at getting a vision of you homeowner’s style and helping to design everything around that vision! Wayne you were also very appreciated! Thank you for making sure Everything was perfect for us and suggesting ideas regarding the best home function – Like how doors swing, Height of doors and garages for large trucks etc. Just to name a few!!I am so appreciative of the fact that you always went to bat for us – The Homeowner – and I am so grateful you choose to make you customers fell like they are number 1!”

Vanessa Duncan

McMullin Construction does such an amazing job that not only have I used them once but twice! Wayne and Amber have been so good to work with! From customizing home plans to the finishing details before moving in they have been hands down the best to work with! Both homes have been beautiful and exactly what I wanted down to the smallest details! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking into building a home. Not only are they great to work with they schedule subcontractors perfectly together that they can build a masterpiece in only a few months! The quality and service is amazing!

Tyler and Brittany Lamb

Building a home can be stressful and chaotic. McMullin Construction was a huge help in managing that stress for us while building our home. Their diligence and work ethic proved that we made a great decision to choose them to be our choice in home construction.

Amber has outstanding organization skills. She is able to complete multiple tasks despite deadline pressure. She personally helped us along many decisions when she surely may not have had time to do so. Amber’s attention to detail is impressive, and will accomplish satisfaction.

Wayne was so helpful on the home site, making sure we were happy with the task at hand. He was always great to answer and explain any of our questions. It was evident in his actions and response that our satisfaction was important.

Wayne and Amber showed that you don’t have to just have a business relationship with your contractor, we developed a great friendship with them both. McMullin Construction is defiantly our recommendation when choosing a contractor. They will make sure they meet every expectation. Working countless late nights showed their dedication to us as their customer. 

 We wish them every success in their future business and would like to have such a relation with them again in any future up-coming projects. A huge thank you to McMullin Construction for building our home.

The Capwell Family

Wayne and Amber McMullin are absolutely the best people to have build your home. You would think building a home would be stressful but Amber and Wayne do everything they can to make it stress free, always there when you need them no matter the time of day they are the sweetest most kind people to work with they help you create your forever dream home. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love our home. It is our favorite place to be! I thank them for everything else they have done not only did they build our beautiful house they called to check in on us to see if we had our sweet baby and provide us with dinner and gifts when we did. Wayne and Amber will always have a place in our hearts we have forever friends/family! Thank you Wayne and Amber for everything!!

The Horrocks Family

We LOVE our home McMullins built for us!

We had help every step of the way. They helped us get our plan perfected in a way that was specific to what we wanted. We even changed our mind after it was set in stone and they had no problem helping us get it fixed to what we wanted! Because let’s be realistic here, if you’re building a house, you’re probly planning on being there for awhile!

We jumped through hoop after hoop with land, insurance, and any other thing that SHOULD have been simple, but Amber was just a phone call away to back us up with everything.

Chase and I had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to build. We didn’t realize the little choices we had to make that we hadn’t ever thought about before. But Amber gave us idea after idea, books, samples, you name it she had it. The McMullins were literally available to you whenever we had questions, concerns, panic attacks. 

We are grateful that we had the opportunity to build and give a huge thanks to the McMullins and their team. We are so excited to finally be in our new home and can’t wait to build many memories to come in it!

The Jackson Family
The Curtis Family

“We LOVE our home built by the McMullins!

We went into the process not knowing anything on where to start. Amber and Wayne helped us all along the way from getting our land deeded to us, to creating our dream floor plan, and picking out all the fun finishes. When little hiccups came up, Amber was always there to help us figure them out and go to battle for us. She even helped us find another financing option when ours fell through. Wayne was great with any concerns and questions we had on site, even when we wanted to change things up. They are down to earth, good people we loved developing friendships with. Our home was built in 100 days! We are so in love with it and are impressed with the beautiful details that make it custom! We recommend McMullin Construction to everyone looking to build their own beautiful dream home! We thank them so much for ours!”

The Carroll Family

We absolutely LOVE our home McMullin’s built for us! Wayne and Amber were amazing from start to finish! They are super friendly and professional. They helped us make our floor plan exactly what we wanted and gave great advice along the way. We loved how they took care of all the stressful parts of building so we basically just had to make the finishing decisions; they definitely made what is normally a stressful process relatively easy! Even with the set backs we had, they were able to complete our house in 4 months!

We highly recommend McMullin’s if you’re looking to build a home! Not only will they make your home dreams come true, but you’ll gain a few new friends along the way!

Thank you Wayne and Amber for everything you’ve done for us!


Morgan, Cierra, Eisley and Breklyn Carroll♥️

The Syrett Family

McMullin Heating Cooling and Construction is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a fast, well built custom home. My husband and I met with many other contractors. We couldn’t find any other business that we felt comfortable with. We really wanted a good custom home and we just weren’t finding that. On top of that we couldn’t find anywhere that would be able to build us a home fast. 

When we found Mcmullin Construction we couldn’t believe the difference in their homes! Their homes are so beautiful and very custom. They can do any style you want, and when we met with them we couldn’t believe that they could build us a home in three months! We knew that we wanted them to build our home. Amber and Wayne sat down with us and worked out a custom plan for us that was within our budget. 

That was awesome because we had no idea what we could afford. They worked so good with making sure they fit in all the stuff we wanted in a home! Amber is awesome at visualizing things and was giving us ideas of what else would be great in the home. We loved that! She had me start pinning stuff to her on Pinterest so she could get the exact vision of stuff we liked. That alone just shows you how much they care about their clients. They really want to make sure they get everything exactly right!    We were so grateful that they were willing to travel for us also. Their schedules in Roosevelt were very busy yet they made sure to make time to come to Fillmore. They are such a hard-working family! 

They got our house built in three months just like they said! They made the process of building a home a lot less stressful. We literally couldn’t have done it without them. Amber and Wayne know how to get things done and keep everyone on schedule. We can’t put into words how thankful we are for them. They do the best work and we have truly made such great friends in this process. We have got so many compliments on how beautiful our home is and how fast it went up. We love our home so much it is perfect! 

Thank You!

The Gray Family

We used McMullin Construction for our first home build and it was one of the best choices we made! Although we may not have known exactly what we were getting ourselves into, Amber & Wayne were only a phone call or text away and walked us through just about every step of the process. 

Not only is our family thrilled with our new home, we are also thankful for the friendship we created. We highly recommend McMullin Construction for your renovation or home build. 

Thanks Amber & Wayne!

The Gilbert Family

We recommend McMullin Construction to anyone looking to build. We absolutely love our new home! Wayne and Amber were great to work with and their honesty and integrity is amazing not to mention the quality of their work is outstanding! We had no worries, they had everything under control and knew what steps we had to take before we even knew what was next. 

Both my husband and I work full time and they always had time to meet with us around our busy schedules. Every process went so smooth and it was finished on time even with the colder months approaching. We are so glad we chose them to build our home! Thank you so much Wayne and Amber!!!

Love Treven, Claire and Kaydyn Gilbert 

Edit *** The Gilberts  are welcoming a new baby girl fall of 2019  congratulations